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Referendum vote: Motions of Affiliation

At the recent CULE general meeting a motion was brought forward to hold a referendum vote on two motions that had been brought to the Executive. A committee, chaired by Brenda Shillington, has been struck and has arranged the following:

  • Deadline for receipt of ballots, utilizing the double envelope method for each motion is Wednesday, January 20, attention Brenda Shillington, Toronto R.O.
  • The committee plans to bring a quantity of ballots & double envelopes to the CULE Convention for folks who were not able to print it off, vote, mail it, prior to leaving for convention.
  • Brenda travels back from Cuba on the 18th, she will bring back any ballot envelopes received there and add them to the pile that are received¬† in the Toronto RO. She will do the count with at least one other CULE member at the close of business on the 20th.

Here is some background information on the Motions. Any questions regarding this process can be directed to your, er, Director.

Download one of each ballot and return to Brenda Shillington, c/o the Toronto RO, prior to the deadline – January 20th.

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