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CULE Executive Office Acclamations and Elections

CULE Executive Office Acclamations:
President – MaryAnne Laurico
VP I – Corina Harding
Treasurer – Sandra Goodick
Director – Atlantic – Raphaëlle Valay-Nadeau
Director – Ontario – Joan-Ann Gravesande
Director – Prairies – Martha Johnson
Director – BC – Sharon Barbour
Director – North – Marija Babic
Director – NCR – Veronique Allard
Director – Equity – Hetty Alcuitas
CULE Executive Office Elections:
Monika Duggal
Kellie Loshak
Nina Babcook
Denise Morrison
Nancy Johnson
Electronic elections will open this coming Thursday, December 5, 2019.
Candidates have been invited to provide a statement for posting on the CULE website.
The following statements have been provided:
Nina Babcook – nominee for the Office of Secretary
Greetings CULE Brothers and Sisters,

I have met many of you over the years in my work as an Administrative Assistant or a Regional Representative for PSAC and others at the most recent CULE Convention. My name is Nina Babcook I have been a CULE member since January 2013 and I have decided to put my name forward as CULE Secretary. I would like to thank my nominator Rebecca Thompson and my seconder Anne Juneau for their confidence in my ability to do this work.

I started my PSAC career as a member and activist of PSAC. From the time I started my activism with a component of PSAC to becoming Staff and a CULE member I had three beautiful baby boys which are the light of my life. I am a working mom.

As a working mom one of the issues I have always struggled with is ensuring that I find that work life balance. Ensuring that I have everything I need within my life at work to take care of my family at home. I know as, most of us do, that making changes within our workplace starts by becoming more active within your Union.

Should I be elected I intend on fulfilling my duties as CULE Secretary every step of the way and ensuring members are adequately informed. I hope to be able to bring some fresh ideas to the Executive on how we communicate with each other as a Union and would like to be able to support the members as best I can.

I have most recently started to assist with Mobilization within the Prairies and hope to expand my activism to the CULE Local Executive as Secretary.

Respectfully and humbly I ask for your support as your next CULE Secretary.

In Solidarity,
Nina Babcook


Kellie Loshak – nominee for the Office of VP II

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

First, I would like to thank my nominator, Colette Mann, and my seconder, Hetty Alcuitas. As always, I am truly thankful for your support.

I came to the PSAC from the private sector with five years of administrative experience in Patent and Trademark law and five years of experience in Labour and Employment law. As of November 2019, I celebrated my 16th anniversary with the PSAC. In this time, I have had many opportunities to explore a variety of roles within the PSAC and within our union:

2018-2019         CULE Bargaining Team Member
2017-2019         VP CULE II
2016-2017         CULE Bargaining Team Member
2014-2017         CULE II Member-At-Large
2009-2010         CULE CEP (Career Enhancement Position)
2008-2009          VP CULE II
2008             Secondement, Nunavut Employees Union (1 month)
2007               Interim VP CULE II
2007             Accounts Review Committee (2 years)
2006             PSAC Intranet Working Group (1 year)
2005             CULE Merger Committee

In 2008, while in the VP CULE II position, I became involved in a reclassification grievance which I believe began in 2005. Many hours were spent developing a survey which went out to the entire CULE II membership. The returned surveys became the basis of proposed job descriptions for both the secretaries and administrative assistants which were shared with the employer in an attempt to come to agreement so the reclassification could proceed. A great deal of work went into the compilation and analysis of the information in the returned surveys to arrive at the proposed job descriptions.

In late 2015, the employer introduced the Hay Group Administrative Family Positions Review. On June 28, 2019, the CULE President, the VP CULE I and myself, as VP CULE II, had a very brief overview of the results study. The results showed no classification change for CULE II members. CULE requested full disclosure at that time and is still awaiting that disclosure. After pushing the employer for the results of the Hay review for months, to find that there has been no change at all for CULE II members was very disappointing indeed.

This round of bargaining began in early July 2019. We have a very strong team and the team is working very effectively together. We have made gains on non-monetary issues and CULE’s monetary demands were tabled at the last face to face in late October. We will resume bargaining December 10, 2019.

At the conclusion of this round of bargaining, the reclassification will once again become our priority.

It has always been my pleasure to work with the CULE Executive on behalf of my CULE II Sisters and Brothers and, should you vote for me, I will continue to work diligently on your behalf.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any particular issues, feel free to give me a call (613-542-7322) or email me at (

My thanks to all of the CULE Executive members past and present for their service, and I wish all candidates heading into the election process all the best!

In Solidarity,


Candidate – VP de l’UCES II

Kellie Loshak

Le 5 décembre 2019

Bonjour Consoeurs et Confrères,

Tout d’abord, j’aimerais remercier ma nominatrice, Colette Mann, et Hetty Alcuitas pour son appui. Comme toujours, je vous remercie sincèrement de votre soutien.

Je suis arrivée à l’AFPC en provenance du secteur privé avec cinq ans d’expérience administrative en droit des brevets et droit des marques et cinq ans d’expérience en droit du travail et de l’emploi. En novembre 2019, j’ai célébré mon 16e anniversaire à l’AFPC. Au cours de cette période, j’ai eu de nombreuses occasions d’explorer divers rôles au sein de l’AFPC et de notre syndicat UCES :

2018-2019   Membre de l’équipe de négociation de l’UCES

2017-2019 VP de l’UCES II

2016-2017   Membre de l’équipe de négociation de l’UCES

2014-2017   Membre hors cadre de l’UCES II

2009-2010   PEC de l’UCES (Poste d’enrichissement de carrière)

2008-2009   VP de l’UCES II

2008           Détachement, Syndicat des employé-e-s du Nunavut (1 mois)

2007           Vice-présidente intérimaire de l’UCES II

2007           Comité d’examen des comptes (2 ans)

2006           Groupe de travail sur l’intranet de l’AFPC (1 an)

2005           Comité de fusion de l’UCES

En 2008, alors que j’occupais le poste de VP de l’UCES II, j’ai pris part à un grief de reclassification qui, je crois, a débuté en 2005. De nombreuses heures ont été consacrées à l’élaboration d’un sondage qui a été envoyé à tous les membres de l’UCES II. Les réponses aux questionnaires ont servi de base aux descriptions de travail proposées pour les secrétaires et les adjoints administratifs, qui ont été partagées avec l’employeur dans le but de parvenir à une entente pour que la reclassification puisse avoir lieu. Beaucoup de travail a été consacré à la compilation et à l’analyse de l’information contenue dans les réponses aux questionnaires pour en arriver aux descriptions d’emploi proposées.

À la fin de 2015, l’employeur a lancé l’Examen Hayes du groupe de postes administratifs. Le 28 juin 2019, la présidente de l’UCES, la vice-présidente de l’UCES I et moi-même, en tant que vice-présidente de l’UCES II, avons eu un très bref aperçu de l’étude des résultats. Les résultats n’ont révélé aucun changement de classification pour les membres de l’UCES II. L’UCES a demandé une divulgation complète à ce moment-là et l’attend toujours. Après avoir fait pression sur l’employeur pendant des mois pour obtenir les résultats de l’examen Hayes, il a été très décevant de constater qu’il n’y a eu aucun changement pour les membres de l’UCES II.

Cette ronde de négociations a commencé au début de juillet 2019. Nous avons une équipe très forte qui travaille très efficacement ensemble. Nous avons fait des gains sur les questions non monétaires et les revendications monétaires de l’UCES ont été déposées lors du dernier face à face, à la fin octobre. Nous reprendrons les négociations le 10 décembre 2019.

À la fin de la présente ronde de négociations, la reclassification redeviendra notre priorité.

J’ai toujours eu le plaisir de travailler avec l’exécutif de l’UCES au nom de mes consœurs et confrères de l’UCES II et, si vous votez pour moi, je continuerai à travailler avec diligence en votre nom.

Si vous avez des questions ou si vous désirez discuter d’enjeux particuliers, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec moi par téléphone (613-542-7322) ou par courriel (

Mes remerciements à tous les membres de l’exécutif de l’UCES, anciens et actuels, pour leurs services, et je souhaite bonne chance à tous les candidats qui s’engagent dans le processus électoral !

En toute solidarité,


Monika Duggal – nominee for the Office of VP II

Dear CULE/UCES Administrative Members,

I humbly accept the nomination for the position of Vice-President for Unit II Members on the CULE/UCES Executive for the upcoming term. I would like to thank my nominator, Tara Boyd and seconder Judy Payne. Sister Kelly Loshak has done a great job as the current VP II and as the Unit II voice on the CULE/UCES bargaining team. I wish her well in her continuing bid as well. The main reason I accepted the nomination for this position again, is that I believe in the democratic principle of a due election process, that positions should be fairly contested during an election process.

Therefore, I will share my experiences as former VP II member and allow the members to elect their voice and vote on the next CULE/UCES Executive. As Vice President for Unit II members, I have had the opportunity to tackle the Employer in the following capacities:

  • Advocate on behalf of all Unit II members issues,
  • Representative on Unit II grievances, with successful outcomes,
  • Negotiator on 2 previous CULE/UCES bargaining teams,
  • Employment Equity Rep on JEEC on behalf of CULE/UCES members,
  • Classification group grievance on behalf of Unit II members
  • Constitution Committee member for 2016 CULE/UCES Convention

I ask for your support again for the position of Vice President of Unit II members. I am committed to the following issues that continue to impact unit II members:

  •  Secure better career development progression rights for CULE/UCES Officer positions.
  •  Respect for the excellent administrative work that we provide on a daily basis.
  •  Obligations as Vice President under Section 5 of the CULE Constitution: .

If elected to the position of Vice President Unit II, you can count on me to fulfill these responsibilities to the best of my abilities. I welcome your comments and questions and can be contacted at or cell (204) 898-0290 or work toll-free 1-866-393-7722.

Thank you for your consideration for this opportunity, and I hope that I can count on your support, and I wish all nominees all the best in their bids for positions.

In Solidarity,

Monika Duggal,

CULE II Member since 2003

Term Administrative Assistant Regina Regional Office, Prairies Region



Hello CULE Members

I am excited to accept the nomination to seek reelection as your CULE Secreatary A great big

thank you to my nominators Sandra Goodick, Treasurer and Hetty Alcuitas, Equity Director as well

as the support of CULE Executive members.

I have been an Administrative Assistant since January 2016 and have been in the Thunder Bay

Regional Office since May 2017. Prior to this I was a Local President for UTE Saskatoon serving on

the Executive and steward for 10+ years. As well I held several elected member positions as a

PSAC member activist. During this time, I gained a lot of respect for the work of the Administration

team in the Regional Offices but more so when I became an employee of PSAC and a proud member

of CULE.

I have been the CULE Secretary since January 2018 and I have been working hard on your behalf,

you the members.

• Member of the 2018 CULE Convention Organizing Committee

• Convention Finance Committee.

• proud member of the Metis community and Indigenous caucus member of the CULE Equity


As the CULE Secretary I have assisted the CULE Executive in booking travel and hotel

arrangements, creating up to date membership lists, mobilization flyers and posters and

improving the CULE new membership forms, working directly with our Treasurer on a variety of

motions such as the CULE archive project, CULE website project, purchasing of a CULE laptop

and maintaining CULE records, as well as supporting and communicating with Directors.

I will endeavour to continue to be supportive of the work of the CULE Executive and


Collectively we achieve more together than standing alone.

Nancy Johnson

I am asking for your support and assure you that I will represent the members to the best of

my abilities.

Best wishes to Denise and Nina during the election process.

Please feel free to contact me at 807-356-6901 or by personal email at

to discuss my

In Solidarity,

Nancy Johnson

CULE Secretary


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