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Call for nominations: CULE/PSAC Negotiating Team, CULE II Member at Large

CULE Negotiating Team

We are accepting nominations to fill the following positions on the CULE Negotiating Team

  • Two (2) Unit I
  • Two (2) Unit II
  • One (1) from the Equity Caucus

Note that as per a resolution passed by the Executive, nominators and seconders for the Equity position on the team must be self-ID’d members of the Equity Caucus.

The deadline date for nominations is: February 12, 2010. Please fax nominations to the Rosemary MacKenzie c/o the Victoria Regional Office – fax: 250-953-1066.

CULE II Member at Large

As per Section 5B(i) of the CULE Constitution, to ensure adequate representation on the Executive we will be electing a CULE II Member at Large, as well as an alternate. This is the call for nominations for CULE II Member at Large.

Nominations close February 17, 2010. Please return the nomination form to Marion Agadzi c/o the Toronto Regional Office – fax: 416-485-8607f

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