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CULE 2016 Bargaining Team elections

Here are the nominees for the members of the CULE/PSAC Bargaining Team. The team will consist of two members each from Units I & II, and a representative from the Equity Caucus

CULE I (only CULE I members are eligible to vote)

  • Ablitt, Dolly – nominated by Tracy Thor and seconded by Steve Peterson
  • Chan, Carm – nominated by Louise Mardell and seconded by Raj Hari
  • Glavine, Sean – nominated by Corina Harding and seconded by Dave Jackson
  • Juneau, Anne – nominated by Rebecca Thompson and seconded by Mark Populus
  • Laurico, MaryAnne – nominated by Linda Cross and seconded by Todd Woytiuk
  • Paddon, Joshua – nominated by Dave Jackson and seconded by James Little

CULE II (only CULE II members are eligible to vote)

  • Duggal, Monika – nominated by Marija Babic and seconded by Chems Oka
  • Hyde, Melissa – nominated by Diane Gallant and seconded by Colleen MacKay
  • Loshak, Kellie – nominated by Marija Babic and seconded by Diane Gallant

EQUITY CAUCUS (only Equity members who have self id are eligible to vote)

  • Ablitt, Dolly – nominated by Deanna Kimball and seconded by Steve Peterson
  • Alcuitas, Hetty – nominated by Joan-Ann Gravesande and seconded by Marion Kiron
  • Jackson, Dave – nominated by Joshua Paddon and seconded by Sean Glavine

Therefore the election for the UNIT I, UNIT II and Equity members of the team will proceed, as usual, using the double-envelope system. Download the ballots below (pdf), print, clearly mark your choice of two team members on the same ballot, and return to Diane Gallant, with your name, bargaining unit, and worksite clearly marked on the outer ballot.

Deadline for receipt of ballots in the Moncton RO is end of day on Monday, December 14, 2015.

Please send ballots to:

CULE Bargaining Team Elections

c/o Diane Gallant


30 Englehart Street, Unit G

Dieppe, NB E1A 8H3

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